Fractional CFO

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Why Fractional C-Levels

Hiring a fractional C-level officer is the most efficient way to implement the best industry practices and grow your business without the challenges of talent hiring and risks with broken commitment. Unlike advisors and consultants, fCFO engagement assumes a long-term and stable commitment to the company. 

The fCFO services are based on strong bonding with the company and growing it into a successful business, preparing and supporting the growth during VC stages and even IPO.

Fractional Commitment - Full Scale Result

We partner with businesses to address financial challenges, drive growth, optimize strategy, secure capital, or manage business transition or audit—in the smoothest way for the existing team and you.

fCFO Difference

Financial Operations Leadership 

We cover all your business, finops, and growth needs, and deliver financially wise tax and policies-compliant advice and processes.

C-Level Experience

We establish Financial Operations to manage  businesses costs, track budgets, review expenses, and develop reliable financial statements.

Growth Guidance

We support your business in finding the best path to the product-market fit, determining the market, pricing, and planning sustainable growth.

Extensive Network

We are engaged in a network of legal and other professionals who are always here for help and solutions that match your expectations.

You get a detailed expert opinion about the readiness of your business, its operations, threads and advantages, and opportunities.

Step 1.


We complete your business' due diligence and create the proposal for improvement.

You will meet our experts and test their ideas for possible improvements and whether they fit your general strategy.

Step 2.


We will meet stakeholders and the team for better sync and discuss all our discoveries.

You will notice the improvement of all processes within the first 30 days after the beginning.

Step 3.


We propose the action plan and the implementation and set up the whole process of changes.

The Process

The power of expertise

Our team has wide experience in setting up financial operations for businesses, especially startups, for over a decade and combines the power of expertise and practical experience, which is why we are prepared to open you new perspectives on your business development and growth. Broad knowledge of financial operations, management, compliance, and policies is the best tool to dig into the financial basis of our company and reveal hidden risks or new opportunities. Our proven track record includes successful startups and significant investment rounds worth millions of dollars, the gross revenue of our clients is over $250 million. You can rely on our expertise and guide for making wise financial decisions and ensuring the financial success of your business.

The Expertise

The Force of knowledge

With decades of experience, continuing education, and knowledge review, degrees in business administration, management, law, and industries specific fields, a team of experienced bookkeepers and accountants, analytics, and managers, all of us are ready to lift your company to a new fast-track of the growth.

The  Implementation

The energy of experience

We utilize the custom financial and business structure analysis approach, implement a step-by-step review of all processes, find the best and most effective for your business practices, and propose the solution that fits your company, the culture, and the product.

Grow Fast

Grow Smart

A financial model is essential for businesses to manage and predict their growth. Using different financial modeling, managers and founders can choose the most effective path based on well-informed, data-driven decisions. Financial modeling plays a crucial role in securing investors’ funding.

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Increase Revenue

Decrease Costs

Financial Operations include statements preparations, financial data processing and analysis, team management, and improvement of the financial department’s effectiveness. Organization of the financial process for your business can improve the overall company’s health and readiness for growth and prosperity.

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