Finops Services

Successful Fundraising

We develop comprehensive financial models that accurately represent your business and provide founders, managers andĀ  investors with a holistic understanding of its financial aspects. Whether you’re a startup seeking funding or a company launching new products, a customized financial model is an essential tool for optimizing your financial strategy and making data-driven decisions.

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Effective Financial Operations

We establish Financial Operations to manageĀ  businesses costs, track budgets, review expenses, and develop reliable financial statements.

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A strong, independent compliance function can mitigate risks related to misconduct, fraud, tax sheltering, and other forms of non-compliance. We ensure that your business complies with the laws, tax regulations, and financial statement standards.

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All our services are custom and aim to serve our clients best. That is why we begin with a deep analysis of your needs and expectations and then develop the solution that matches your business.


Acting in Your Best Interest.

We customize our services according to your budget expectations and business plans.

All our services are created for you as a founder and manager to be always ahead of the market and industry trends. At the same time, we secure your compliance and risk mitigation.


Planning For Your Future.

Knowing the actual financial positions of your business is a core security measure.

We know how is essential for our clients to be ahead of the industry and trends, and that is why we care about our clients in all available ways.


We Value Your Feedback

A happy client is a prospering business.


Set Goals & Prosper

Achieving your business and financial goals is essential for our company. We know how important to track your revenue, control costs, and make reserves for future development. Targeting all financial goals set for you, we help you to grow your unicorn. At the same time, you know all details of your business finances today and for future years. We support your growth and nurture your future with the same care as you.

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